Training for drivers of vehicles carrying hazardous goods

To legally drive a goods vehicle carrying regulated hazardous substances a driver must hold an ADR Vocational Training Certificate.

To obtain an ADR Training Certificate drivers must attend a Department of Transport approved course and pass the relevant SQA Examinations.

Tanker Courses

Tanker drivers will additionally require The Tanks Module.

The training is carried out under the National (Dangerous Substances) Driver Training Scheme which is the training scheme recognised by the Department for Transport, RHA, FTA and all leading chemical manufacturers.

Course Dates 2020 

January 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 27/01/20– Friday 31/01/20


February 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 24/02/20 – Friday 28/02/20


April 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 06/04/20  – Friday 10/04/20


May 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 04/05/20 – Friday 08/05/20


July 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 06/07/20 – Friday 10/07/20


August 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 03/08/20 – Friday 07/08/20


October 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 05/10/20 – Friday 09/10/20


November 2020

Courses starts: 08:00

Monday 02/11/20 – Friday 06/11/20


Packaged goods courses

Our fully approved Packaged Goods Course covers the following Modules:

• Core (Required by all drivers)
• Packaged Goods (Required by all drivers)
• Class 2 Gases
• Class 3 Flammable Liquids
• Class 4 Flammable Solids
• Class 5 Oxidising Agents, Organic Peroxides
• Class 6 Toxics
• Class 8 Corrosives
• Class 9 Miscellaneous

Courses that can be attributed to Driver CPC

CRS 4759/681 – Carriage of Dangerous Goods – Core

• CRS 4760/681 – Carriage of Dangerous Goods – Practical & Packages
• CRS 4743/681 – Carriage of Dangerous Goods – Classes

Other courses

We can offer courses tailored to suit the particular goods which your drivers carry e.g. Core, Tanks and Flammable Liquids.

Training Courses can be conducted “in company” providing Department for Transport and SQA criteria are met. The Department of Transport limit the number of students to 16 per course

NOTES – To gain the certificate a driver must pass a series of written multiple choice examinations. The Department of Transport stipulate that the driver must do these examinations without any assistance.

Certificates are issued direct to successful candidates by the DVLA about 1-2 weeks after the examination.

ADR Examinations can now be taken online (E Tests) at our training centre. Once training has commenced candidates can take their exams online and receive instant results without having to wait up to 3 weeks for paper exam results.

Please call Tim +44 (0) 1905 691 691  for more information.

Packages Course (Fees)

Below is a breakdown of the contents of the Packages course.

All items within this course can be booked separately if required.


£20 Each Core (Exam Fee)
£20 Each Packages (Exam Fee) 
£20 Each Classes 2,3,6, & 8 (Exam Fee) 
£20 Each Classes 4,5 & 9 (Exam Fee) 
£20 Each Common Characteristics (Exam Fee) 
£20 Each Individual Class Exams Fees 
*£100 Packages Course Total Exam Fees 
*£325 Packages Course Training Fees 
£35 Each Admin Fee 

Packages Course and *Tanks (fees)

Product, Tanks

Plus all the above and swap the * marked packages and add in the ** marked packages
**£20 Each Tanker Class (Exam Fee) 
*£120 Packages Course and Tanks Total Exam Fees
*£365 Packages Course and Tanks Training Fees  

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