Operators Certificate of Professional Competence

Totallis Training offers the following courses leading to the Skills & Education Group Certificate of Professional Competence examinations and awards:

Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage) Multiple Choice (MC)
Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haluage) Case Study (CS)
Certificate of Professional Competence (Passenger Transport) Multiple Choice (MC)
Certificate of Professional Competence (Passenger Transport) Case Study (CS)

CPC Examination Syllabus

The Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage, Passenger Transport) is divided into two assessments – Multiple Choice and Case Study.

Multiple Choice Assessments - MC

The multiple choice assessment will run quarterly as a paper based examination. The exam duration is 2 hours. In order to pass the multiple choice assessment, candidates need achieve a score of 70% across the whole paper, consisting of 60 multiple choice questions based on both National and International elements of the syllabus. To score 70% candidates must achieve 42 of the 60 marks available.

The Syllabus is laid out in references A to H, and then split into sub sections under each reference. There is no stipulation that there will be questions from each sub section. However, there will be a minimum of two questions from each of the reference sections. The table below shows the minimum and maximum amount of questions for each reference section.

Candidates are not permitted to take or use any materials of any kind into the multiple choice examination.

The Road Haulage and Passenger Transport Multiple Choice examinations (e-tests) can be taken online at our approved examination centre.  Please see below for examination dates and costs.

 "Online exam" timings restrictions apply

The Skills & Education Group Examination

To gain your CPC you must pass the relevant CPC examinations. They are conducted four times per year at approved Skills & Education Group examination centers.

Totallis Training is an approved Skills & Education Group examination centre. The Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage and Passenger Transport now both consists of a single multiple choice assessment and a single case study assessment. Both subjects will now contain elements of both National and International knowledge.

Due to the current changes in the course syllabus, the structure of the examination process has been adapted to accommodate the new style of course. These examinations are now designed with reduced but more relevant content. Please see Skills & Education Group’s CPC Syllabus in order to view which areas will be tested in which assessment.

Case Study - CS (Goods vehicle & Passenger)

Pre-released material covering the scenario for the case study will no longer be provided prior to the exam. Candidates will now be issued with a much shorter and relevant case study with extended questions at the start of the exam. There will now be five to eight questions to answer and more time available to study case notes. Each question is worth between seven and twelve marks with a total of 60 marks available across the case study paper.

Questions will be focused on testing candidate’s application of knowledge to the scenario instead of demonstrating straight forward knowledge.

Candidates are permitted to take any printed or handwritten notes or books of their own choice into the case study examination.

Candidates are not permitted to take any electronic devices into the examination, including IPads, e-readers, mobile phones and laptops.

The pass mark has been adequately changed and candidates now need to achieve 50% in the whole paper in order to pass. To score 50% candidates must achieve 30 of the 60 marks available.

The exam duration is 2hrs 15 mins.

As there is an increase in subjects that need to be covered, time spent studying has also increased by two days which allows our candidates study time to cover all material.

Course Dates - 2023 / 2024

December 2023

Courses starts: 08:00

5-day Course - Monday 13/11/23

Exam Friday 08/12/203

March 2024

Courses starts: 08:00

5-day Course - Monday 26/02/24

Exam Friday 08/03/24

June 2024

Courses starts: 08:00

5-day Course - Monday 20/06/24

Exam Friday 07/06/24

2 Day CPC Refresher Training Course

This 2 day CPC Refresher course is designed for transport managers that have been referred by the Traffic Commissioner or advised by the Central Licensing Office or for continual professional development (CPD). Up to date knowledge and a thorough understanding of the day to day rules will enable a transport manager to ensure he has effective and complete control of a transport operation and more importantly their Operator Licence undertakings. The course will also demonstrate to the Traffic Commissioner that you understand the importance of maintaining standards through continual professional development.

Following a public inquiry, a Traffic Commissioner might request the CPC holder and/or the transport manager attend this 2 day CPC refresher training course. Alternatively, you could attend prior to the inquiry and make sure that you are aware exactly what is required of a transport manager.

Call for Prices - Tim 01905 691 691 or 07766 555 7898 for further information

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Road Haulage (Multiple Choice) – paper exam 
Road Haulage (Case Study) 
Passenger Transport (Multiple Choice) – paper exam 
Passenger Transport (Case Study) 
Road Haulage (Multiple Choice) – e test* 
Passenger Transport (Multiple Choice) – e test*

6 day training course

11 day training course*    


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£75 each 
£75 each 
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