Obtaining a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence is often the simplest stage in the process, the retention of the licence through meeting the legal responsibilities and duties is the real challenge. Our comprehensive audit and compliance service will help you manage your operator licence systems and documentation to ensure you will never put your licence at risk and your business in jeopardy. Our audit service comprises of the following:

  • Full examination of your preventive maintenance inspection framework
  • Review of inspection frequencies, based on vehicle activity and mileage
  • Analysis of driver procedures and reporting
  • Driver licence and CPC check procedure
  • Driver disciplinary review
  • Vehicle authorisation and Operating centre information
  • DVSA self-service information review and update
  • Advice & guidance on frequency of follow-up visits and reviews

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If you have been instructed by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner to undertake regular maintenance investigations or simply just need the peace of mind to know you are operating within the legislation our audit service will provide detailed action planning and reporting to help you remain compliant.

Do you know?

It is standard practice for a DVSA regional enforcement teams to inspect an operator’s site if their licence is new or if they have been issued with fixed penalty notices. The powers of DVSA inspectors are wide-ranging, and inspections are mandatory, under the terms of your goods vehicle operator licence.
What happens when DVSA visit my site? The purpose of the inspection is to ascertain your level of compliance with operator licensing. This is done by checking you are carrying out the undertakings you agreed to when applying for your licence. The inspector will ask what compliance procedures you have in place and ask for evidence that they are being carried out diligently. This inspection will have a huge impact on how DVSA view your business and the likelihood of future inspections and site visits.
What are the risks of non-compliance? If DVSA inspect a site and finds the operator is not adhering to their undertakings, DVSA will inform the Traffic Commissioner. The Traffic Commissioner will likely call the operator to a public inquiry to find out why.

If at the public inquiry the operator can not demonstrate a level of compliance that the Traffic Commissioner wants to see, it’s likely that restrictive action will be taken against that operator.

This action can (and often does) include:-

  • Imposing extra conditions to your licence
  • Reduction of the number of vehicles/trailers you can operate
  • Damage/removal of a Director/Operator’s repute
  • Disqualification of Company Directors
  • Imposing regular site visits by DVSA

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Operator Licence Compliance Audit

Our audit covers all areas of your undertakings such as; tachograph and driver hours, vehicle record keeping, maintenance and defect reporting. The procedure will be performed at your location and the whole process shall take approximately 2-3 hours, depending on availability of information and size and scale of the business operation. A full written report of our findings will be provided within 7 days and maybe used as evidence to demonstrate compliance to Traffic Commissioners.

Questions you ought to consider if you have any concerns whatsoever about your operator compliance are;

Record Keeping
1, Do you have a dedicated vehicle file containing all documentation that DVSA will require during a site visit, for each of your vehicles?

2, Are your vehicles inspected within the agreed maintenance interval?
3, Do your drivers perform daily walk around checks before use every day?
4, Are any defects reported, rectified and signed off by your repair agent?
5, Do you have a system that records all this?

Tachograph Analysis
6, Is your tachograph data (analogue or digital) analysed on a regular basis (monthly)?
7, Are your drivers (or users of the vehicle) notified of tachograph infringements in writing and a record kept?
8, Do you have a tachograph calibration certificate on file for each tachograph?
9, Have your drivers been trained on how to use a tachograph properly, and are fully aware of drivers hours rules?

Forward Planning
10, Do you have a vehicle maintenance forward planning system in place?
11, Are all vehicle maintenance events planned in advance by at least 6 months?

Fees are dependent upon several factors; from the scale and location of your organisation, to the number of vehicles and personnel involved in the transport operation. However, we do realise with today’s demands on time and resources it can be useful to have some price orientation in the first instance. Dependent upon the factors listed an onsite visit by a qualified consultant can range from £375 for check up! to £1250/day for a full system audit and report. 

Operator Licence undertakings

  • The laws relating to the driving and operation of vehicles used under this licence are observed.
  • The rules on drivers' hours and tachographs are observed, proper records are kept and that these are available on request.
  • Vehicles and trailers are not overloaded.
  • Vehicles operate within speed limits.
  • Vehicles and trailers, including hired vehicles and trailers, are kept in a fit and serviceable condition.
  • Drivers report promptly any defects or symptoms of defects that could prevent the safe operation of vehicles and/or trailers and that any defects are recorded in writing.
  • Records are kept (for 15 months) of all driver reports which record defects, all safety inspections, routine maintenance and repairs to vehicles, and these can be made available on request.
  • The number of vehicles and the number of trailers kept will not exceed the maximum numbers authorised at each operating centre (which will be noted on licence).
  • An unauthorised centre is not used in any traffic area.
  • You will notify the Traffic Commissioner of any convictions against yourself, or the company, business partner(s), the company directors, nominated transport manager(s) named in the application, or employees or agents of the applicant for this licence and if the licence is issued, convictions against the licence holder or employees or agents of the licence holder.
  • You will ensure that the Traffic Commissioner is notified within 28 days of any other changes; for example, a change to the proposed maintenance arrangements; a change in the financial status of licence holder [e.g. if placed in liquidation or receivership]; or a change to Limited Company status or partnership; that might affect the licence if issued.