Do you remember the promises?


Do you remember the feeling you had when the Traffic Commissioner first granted your operator licence?

Some people compare it to passing their driving test, because of the freedom and opportunities that holding an O licence brings.

It’s true. Getting permission to run vehicles opens many doors for businesses. But the undertakings attached to each licence must remain at the centre of your operations; not just when you sign the document, for the life of the licence.

Traffic commissioners put their trust in operators to keep those promises. The minimum standards you sign up to on the application form are vital to road safety and they should never be underestimated.

As a compliant operator you’ll be using those undertakings as a benchmark to keep your operations safe and compete fairly with other operators. Every operator who fails to meet these standards puts their operator’s licence and, more worryingly members of the public, at risk.

That’s why traffic commissioner continue to target their regulatory action against those operators who deliberately choose not to work within the law.

Being called to a Public Inquiry can be an extremely daunting and stressful experience. It is critical that you take positive action as quickly as possible. The sooner the issues outlined in the Traffic Commissioners letter are addressed, the better the chances of a satisfactory outcome.

Whether you have been called to Public Inquiry regarding an existing licence or to consider your application for a new licence we can help.
In the first instance, please contact us on 01905 691 691 for an informal chat.

For more details download our PDF Guide to appearing at a public inquiry before a traffic commissioner.

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